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Scalable, Affordable hosting plans!

We make sure that you are taken care of when you host your site with us.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee!

If your website has a physical downtime that falls short of the 99.9% uptime guarantee, you may receive one (1) month of credit on your account.
This uptime guarantee does not apply to planned maintenance.

Customer Bonuses...

There are other great benefits to hosting with 88 Graphics.

1) Your website maintenance costs are 33.33% less when you host your site with us.

2) You get 100% FREE access to your analytics dashboard!

3) FREE DNS Modifications when ever you need them.

Hosting with 88 Graphics, you will have the option to display that

"This Site Is Green".

Website Analytics

If you're hosting with us, you will have full access to an analytics dashboard.

If you're not hosting with us, don't worry, Weekly or Monthly Analytics reports are available. See traffic to your website. Where they came from, what they looked at on your site while they were there, how long they were on each page, etc.

We can customize your report to fit your needs, and show the data that is important to you.

If you are an email marketing customer we can automatically include tracking on your links to see how your emails drive traffic through your site!

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