Vehicle Wraps & Decals

How much advertising square footage are you wasting?

You have spent a lot of money on your fleet of delivery vehicles and everytime they are on the road they are considered a mobile billboard. Is your billboard blank?

Let's do the math...

Your typical 24 ft. box delivery truck handles around 20 orders per day at a cost of about $30 per order. So it costs you roughly $600 a day just to have your truck out on the road doing it's thing. Extend that over the next 10 years and your spending over $1.5 Million on this big blank white truck.

The high quality materials used today to wrap trucks like this will outlast the truck itself and are fairly inexpensive. For an average cost of around $3000 (design, material & labor included) you can turn your truck into a beautiful rolling advertisment for your company. You're in $1,512,000 no matter what. Why not be in $1,515,000 and increase your company's exposure significantly over the next 10 years.

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