This program is designed to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing while minimizing your cost, time and effort. Using email marketing as a foundation we can create entire campaigns that coincide with your monthly sales meetings. This program excites your sales force because your giving them precise direction and solid leads. It pleases the manufacturers that you invite to your sales meeting when they see you are running a campaign on the very product they came to demo. The sales manager now has more control and a new way to direct his team in reaching out for new business. Taking orders is for customer service, this program helps get your sales team back to selling!

Maybe the best part...We manage the entire set of projects for you so all you have to do is decide what you want to feature each month. We can even help you get everything setup so you can get rolling with your first campaign without hassle.

Email Campaigns

We create custom emails on your behalf in Constant Contact® that include the items you want to feature this month. Call-To-Action being the goal, we add links and buttons to guide the customer who opens the email where we want them to go.

Handout Flyers

Custom "leave behind" flyers for your reps that match the overall design of the campaign. These can be further customized to include each sales rep's contact info and head shot. You have the option to let us print these or you can print yourself.

Web Banners

Again matching the overall campaign theme, we create a custom web banner for your JM Catalog home page to highlight the item(s) for this month to everyone that uses your online ordering system. We can upload these for you and even link them to the item itself for easy ordering.

Social Posts

If you use Facebook for your business we can post to your page throughout the month to further promote the item(s). Creating conversation opportunities with your customers. Potentially growing your audience by increasing the amount of relevant content on your page.

Also available are Website landing pages. These are typically used when you are featuring a product that comes with a lot of information. (ie: Cleaning Equipment) There are currently 2 ways you can have a landing page be part of your campaign.

1. If you are an 88 Graphics, Inc. Website Customer we will just add the page to your existing site.

2. We can setup a sub-domain for you on this website to display the information and direct them to where you want them to go next. (

We will not add landing pages to your existing website if it was not developed by 88 Graphics, Inc.

NOTE: Some of your manufacturers may offer marketing fund assistance to help you pay for marketing their products. In some cases these campaigns are exactly what they hope to give you this money for. If you plan to feature a product from a vendor that offers this type of program be sure to check with them about getting at least a portion of the expense covered.

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