Email Marketing Management

We offer assistance in many area related to your email marketing.

In an effort to increase the long term success of your marketing campaigns and take the burden off of you we offer services that help you get started and help you keep going.

Most important of these services is the Email Campaign Analytics Reports for your sales team. These are the critical part of each campaign. We create custom, Sales Rep specific reports that show your sales staff who is opening the emails sent and what they are clicking on. In essence, a lead sheet with targets for them to work from when following up on email campaigns. These reports have not only shown to increase the success of each campaign but they provide the rep with clear direction and create accountability. They also can boost the confidence of a rep walking into a customer's office as he or she knows ahead of time whether this customer has shown interest or not. The Sales Manager gets a complete list with all reps included as well.

Management Services

Contact List Maintenace / Clean-up $20.00
Contact Uploads & Tagging By Market Group $5.00 Per Market
Contact Uploads & Tagging By Sales Rep $5.00 Per Rep


Campaign Management (Variable by Rep, by Contact)

Email Campaign Analytic Reports (Per Rep Price) $2.00 Per Rep
Email Campaign Analytic Reports (Per Contact Price) $0.01 Per Contact
Add the above together - IE: If you have 5 reps with a total of 1000 contacts the price would be $20.00


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