Custom Icons

For Websites & Mobile Apps

We create custom icons that match your company brand to be used for your website or mobile apps (like STEP1's CSS or SUM).

Both iOS and Android versions are included.

Custom QR Codes

Quick Reference Codes - Scanable by mobile devices.

These custom bar codes can be used for many things. Most commonly to link to a website, or any other URL. Here are some not so obvious ways to use these in the JanSan industry:

Stick them to your equipment and link to demonstration or training videos

Add them to your chemical packaging with link to SDS for this product

Having one on your printed catalog that links to your JM Shopping cart

Adding a code to a product flyer that links directly to the ordering page for that item.

Endless possibilities. And as you can see below they don't have to be the boring black and white bar code look you are used to seeing.

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