Using email as a foundation we create complete, online / offline marketing campaigns.

The Foundation...

Email Marketing

Most businesses want to do more marketing than they are but few actually have the time to do it consistantly? They spend all of their time taking care of customers. Using popular mass email marketing systems we create, schedule & track every email for you! They are setup to look great on desktops and phones. We can even keep you going if you want by contacting you each month to coordinate the month's marketing strategy!

In addition you will get a report after each email has been out for 48 hrs showing you who opened it and what they clicked on. Be sure to ask us about our Precision Marketing Program which is designed to help you get the most out of every campaign you run!


The Icing...

Web Banners

We create custom web banners that fit your current website settings. They are designed to match the email campaign and go live at the same time the email is sent.

Landing Pages

Need a lot of info to be available to your customers and prospects? Need to show them a video? Landing pages to go along with your emails are a great way to show a lot of content, display videos, and get more traffic on your website! The last thing you want to do is send someone to YouTube. They likely won't come back!

Printed Flyers

The perfect leave behind for your sales force to have with them when they visit customers and prospects. Can be single or double sided and no minimums for printed sheets!

We can even help you reach more people by putting the content on your social media pages

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