Chad Brown

President & CEO

How he came to work with JanSan Distibutors...
Chad started working for STEP1 Software Solutions in 1996. STEP1 specializes in distribution software designed for Janitorial & Sanitary Supply (JanSan) Distributors. Designing marketing materials then and in 1998 Chad began working as the on-site trainer as well and was given the opportunity to build relationships with so many in the industry. Now after starting his own business in 2007 those relationships are still strong and 88 Graphics, Inc. has come up with several services to help distributors build their brands and increase sales.

His knowledge of a distributor's business & products combined with his creative abilities & marketing expertise makes him unique to the JanSan industry. And for STEP1 Software users he is even more so thanks to his extensive knowledge of that system and on-going relationship with the STEP1 Staff and it's Development Partner Group. There is no one that can help a jansan distributor in more areas of their marketing plan!

88 Graphics, Inc.
2066 College Way
Fergus Falls, MN 56537

Ph: 218-531-9847
Ph: 888-731-3736


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